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Balancing Personal Life & Business

On a scale of 1-10 how much does your business control you? Let's dive into a little bit of how I've learned to balance both business and personal life.

When I first started freelancing I had NO idea how to juggle my time between regular life + business life. It seemed like leaving my full time job and relying solely on "entrepreneur income" only accelerated the urgency in every project, needing to reply immediately to every email + if I ever did leave the house I was chained to my laptop the entire time.

Fast forward to now, I've learned how to schedule and balance the fine line between running my business and not letting my business run me. Here's a few of the tips I recommend implementing that will give you a major shift in your life and reduce your daily stress:

1. SEPARATED MY BUSINESS AND PERSONAL PHONE. When I first started a ton of my clients had access to my personal phone. I thought this would be great for my customer service, but it had the total opposite effect. I had clients texting me way after hours, calling me while I'm out at dinner -- it was madness. My business phone now redirects my clients after business hours and we schedule all client calls in advance, allowing me to keep my business boundaries with clients.

2. SETTING BOUNDARIES WITH YOUR CLIENTS. As I mentioned before, it's not uncommon that once a client pays you, they feel that they own you. But you can STILL keep control by setting boundaries. If you have posted business hours, don't reply to clients until the next business day if they are outside those hours. If you accept communication via email only then ONLY communicate with them in that channel. I am off 3 days a week to use as I please + I now never handle any client-related issues on these days. Let's just say my stress level is WAY DOWN.

3. AUTOMATING TASKS & PROCESSES. I now utilize a schedule and process to automate a lot of our daily workflow. Using these systems to do repetitive tasks that I don't have time to do frees up time for things I need to be focused on.

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