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Why Link.Tree Is Costing You Website Traffic

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

You've got high hopes in your business and you've taken a great deal of effort to organize your next 30 days of content.

New images? Check.

Winning caption? Check.

Call to action? Check.

Instagram bio with Link.tree and lead magnet? Check and check.

You've checked all the boxes for your social campaign.

Except for one thing -- you don' t own the URL, so you don't own the traffic. What good is all of the effort if you don't gain any of the benefits.

Here's our take on why you should have a native site social media link instead of one through a third party.

No.1 : You don't own the URL. so you don't own the traffic.

Third-party apps like, Campsite, Milkshake, Canva -- while all convenient, don't allow you to claim ownership of the web traffic for SEO like you would with your own domain.

No.2 : It's not a seamless experience for your users.

High-value brands know a seamlessly branded experience (ie. consistent logo, brand colors, fonts, etc.) = increased trust, credibility and brand perception.

No.3 : Instagram views third-party links as spam.

Yes - as in there's a high-possibility someone can click your link in bio and receive a spam error message. Yikes. Don't believe us? Google "InstagramLinkTree spam 2018".

No.4 : They can't be fully customized.

Templates are great, until they're not.

Your Instagram links page should be an extension of your website. Not a template-y, skeleton-y version of it. Not exactly the best first impression.

No.5 : The 'shareable URL' links are too long. utm_content=DAFK5YlLyvQ&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=recording_view

Yes, this is a real link.

But sounds much better.

Q. So how do you avoid or fix this for your brand?

A. By using a branded Instagram page for your website.

Even better? We can do it for you - Message our chat box in the bottom right corner of our website and we'll share how!

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