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Predicting Future Trends

We're predicting a shift in business, especially in the online space.

1️⃣ THE PERSONAL BRAND: Post-lockdown, people are longing for more personalized engagement and interaction. We're predicting there will be a shift to the personal brand more than ever as people begin to leverage themselves outside of their businesses alone, no longer hiding behind their business but also recognizing themselves an independent revenue-generating asset.

We’ll see a convergence between the personal and business brand, with the most successful strategically marrying the two with an increase in organic thought, unique ideals and how to monetize your own intellectual property and personal connection for growth.

2️⃣ UN-BRANDING: Although Scopetheory has always taken a less-is-more approach to identity development, there’s been industry rumblings of this and we expect it to fully take off with even more overt minimalist efforts in the branding space, with a more simplistic approach to logos and identity. This will break away from the need for the complex, ‘trendy’ over-the-top brand identity development as a whole (logos, colors, typography, etc.) as consumers will gravitate towards a simpler means for brand recognition. Additionally, because the brand identity itself will be so subtly refined — we’ll see bolder, visual campaigns, content and media to take the forefront in what captivates consumers.

3️⃣ ‘EXPERT-ISM’: Everyones an expert these days. While it’s great social media has allowed a pathway for businesses to begin, it’s also given way to copy-cats and smoke and mirrors and it’s no secret consumers are tired of getting burned. They’ve become more aware of practices and tactics and we predict in 2023, clients will challenge the notion of ‘expert-ism’, demanding transparency and requiring ‘experts’ to produce receipts, deliver specialized results and exhibit their own proven methodologies — not someone else’s.

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